Welcome to Fort Kickass!

Welcome to the new website for Fort Kickass!

Many of you have visited our site before and we thank you very much. We have upgraded and updated the site for many reasons, but the main reason is so we could start this blog you are reading right now.

We plan on bringing you a variety of topics in our blog.  We will have profiles of our many animals including goats, dogs and cats. You will be delighted by our tasty recipes, many using food from our own gardens. There will be instructional posts and videos showing how we make our soap, lotions and other creative projects around the farm.

Don’t miss our bad horror movie reviews or what will surely be a favorite topic, “Drink this beer!” where we will be visiting local microbreweries to sample their delicious brews.

Please join us as we bring you stories and images from Fort Kickass. We look forward to your comments and ideas on the variety of topics that we will share with you in our blog.

Things will still be evolving around here so check back often to see what’s new at Fort Kickass!

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