Welcome Ramirez and Shiro!

Fort Kickass welcomed two mini-Nubian bucklings from our friends at Bifrost Farms this month!

Ramirez is handsome, leggy boy out of Carpenter’s Ranch Ruby and has a strong Nubian look. We hadn’t originally intended to bring him home, but when he crawled into my lap and hunkered down for a nap we decided it was meant to be. He is named after Carlos Ramirez from the Dresden Files. The character of Ramirez is a Wizard and Warden of the White Council, and the youngest warden to ever make Regional Commander. 

Shiro is a small goat with a huge personality. He’s out of Green Gables Esther and favors the Nigerian Dwarf side of mini-Nubians. His namesake is Shiro Yoshimo from the Dresden Files, who was a Knight of the Sword and wielder of Fidelacchius.

It will be at least a year before we can put them into the breeding rotation, but we’re excited to watch them grow and see what they can do.


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