Juicy Pear Soap is coming soon.

Juicy Pear Goat Milk Soap

As winter slowly lets go of its grip on everything I’m getting our spring soaps ready to go. Last week Juicy Pear was on the agenda. This sweet, juicy soap smells like biting into a ripe pear, with just a hint of florals at the end.

Cutting in Process

This hand and body bar is scented with a phthalate free fragrance oil, and gets its beautiful green and white swirl from titanium dioxide and green oxide pigment.

I love the variance in swirls from bar to bar with an in the pot swirl.
Does anyone else see the Batman logo in the bar on the right?

This variety takes a little longer to cure, so the bars should be ready to go in about 8 weeks. Watch our store for availability.

Want to see what’s available now? Visit our online store at the tab above.

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