Juicy Pear Soap is coming soon.

Juicy Pear Goat Milk Soap

As winter slowly lets go of its grip on everything I’m getting our spring soaps ready to go. Last week Juicy Pear was on the agenda. This sweet, juicy soap smells like biting into a ripe pear, with just a hint of florals at the end.

Cutting in Process

This hand and body bar is scented with a phthalate free fragrance oil, and gets its beautiful green and white swirl from titanium dioxide and green oxide pigment.

I love the variance in swirls from bar to bar with an in the pot swirl.
Does anyone else see the Batman logo in the bar on the right?

This variety takes a little longer to cure, so the bars should be ready to go in about 8 weeks. Watch our store for availability.

Want to see what’s available now? Visit our online store at the tab above.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all, and Blessed Samhain to all who celebrate!

This has always been my favorite holiday, both the commercial spookiness of Halloween and the spiritual aspects of honoring the dead on Samhain. The last few years I’ve been too busy to really get into the holiday though, so earlier this fall I texted a local photographer friend.

“Tanya, I think we need to do a Halloween photo shoot for the goats. What’s the point of having goats if I don’t put them in costumes?”

The response was one word, and came back almost immediately: “YES!!!!”

And that is how we came to torture my goats one sunny, late September afternoon. No goats were harmed in the process of this photoshoot, although Zelda was REALLY mad at me for a few days after this. Chaffehay and sunflower seeds were involved in my apology.

Why was Zelda mad you ask? Well, it turns out that Zelda is really afraid of fairy wings. Tanya did her best to get some pictures between giggles as Zelda sprinted around the yard demanding we get rid of the wings. After Zelda’s reaction to the wings, I decided not to try the tutu.

The wings flapped so hard I thought she might actually take flight.
Notice Arya in the corner keeping an eye on me to make sure I didn’t come near her with a set of wings.

Next up was Winnie, who in true Winnie fashion just didn’t care. My spoiled little Angel just wandered around pillaging the garden.

Spoiled Little Angel
How comes Zelda doesn’t like me right now?

Next up is Ebony. She’s a shadow in the night, a defender of barnyard justice, a sneaky little shit stealing from the big goats to feed the little goats, she is … BATGOAT!

I’m Batgoat.
Batgoat and Fairy Queen Midnight.

Midnight is the prettiest Fairy Queen at the Fort, and doesn’t care what I put her in if it means she gets to eat the garden.

Yes, I know how pretty I am.

Last but not least, is our very own Princess Shuri. Shuri was born to Cersei in March, but bonded to Midnight and I when Cersie passed away in May.

Don’t let the cute fool you, she has Shuri’s attitude.
Fairy Princesses love eggplant leaves.
Sometimes spoiled little Angels decide they need to eat the EXACT SAME LEAF as Fairy Princesses, especially when the human mom is paying too much attention to the Fairy Princess.

There are lots more pictures, including some pretty entertaining outtakes. Feel free to browse the entire album here: https://fortkickassphotography.smugmug.com/Public-Galleries/Halloween-Goat-Shoot-2019

All Natural?

One of the most common questions I get is “Are your products all natural?”

Fort Kickass products are as natural as I can safely make them. I have rosacea, sensitive skin, and skin allergies, and my goal is to make products that are fun, fragrant, and safe for sensitive skin. The majority of the ingredients I use are natural, but there are cases where natural isn’t always safe and/or better for your skin. There are a handful of areas where I use non-natural ingredients to enhance my products:

1. Preservatives. Any product that is liquid or will be exposed to liquids needs a preservative to prevent molding. Our goat milk lotions all contain a small amount of a preservative named Optiphen. I chose Optiphen over a variety of commercial alternatives because it causes fewer reactions in folks with skin sensitivities.

2. Fragrances. I use a lot of essential oils in both my soaps and lotions, but I do not use essential oils exclusively. Certain oils, like orange and grapefruit, aren’t safe to use in lotion because they cause photosensitivity. Some oils, like lemon, don’t survive the chemical reaction in soap making, so they don’t add any fragrance. Others, like rose and frankincense, are just too expensive to be put into the product and still make a profit. Plus, there are a lot of fun fragrances that you just can’t recreate with essential oils. In these cases, I use commercial fragrance oils. All the fragrance oils I use are phthalate free, and I test them on myself for skin sensitivity before releasing them for public consumption.

3. Colorants. I use a variety of colorants, and some of the pigments and micas I use are non-organic (not natural) pigments. All of them are skin safe and have been tested on me prior to being released.

4. Polysorbate-80. I use this compound as a surfactant in some of my bath products. It’s safe and commonly used in a variety of food and cosmetics, and is what keeps your tub from feeling like an oil slick after your bath.

For customers who prefer to keep it as natural as possible, I do offer an assortment of soaps and lotions that use only essential oils and mineral based pigments, and am happy to work with you to find the best option for you!

Back in Stock!

Hi folks, I’m pleased to announced that we are restocked on patchouli lotion, peppermint soap, and cedarwood and patchouli soap. I don’t have the charcoal and tea tree soap listed yet, but it will be posted by this evening.

I’ve also rolled out our new Geranium Patchouli soap, a beautiful skin loving body bar with rose kaolin clay and activated charcoal.

Need some more lip balm? We’ve got you covered with 3 fun new lip balm flavors: Jelly Bean, Peach, and Chocolate.

Hop on over to our Etsy page to see all the great stuff: https://www.etsy.com/shop/FortKickass

Shopping locally? We have a farmstand with an assortment of our products at Lakes Latte in Pequot Lakes.

Welcome Winnie!


She’s getting a little too big to hold, but neither of us care.

Fort Kickass welcomes it’s newest doe, Winnie. Winnie is a commercial Savanna doeling out of Thomas and Arya, and was born on April 19. She had a little bit of a rough start when she caught a respiratory infection at five days old, but some antibiotics and bottle feeding to make sure she was getting adequate nutrition got her back on track.

Winnie cuddling with me to stay warm while waiting for the vet.

Winnie is named in honor of Winnie Madikizela-Mandella, who passed away on April 2, 2018.

Getting stronger and taking a bottle well.