All Natural?

One of the most common questions I get is “Are your products all natural?”

Fort Kickass products are as natural as I can safely make them. I have rosacea, sensitive skin, and skin allergies, and my goal is to make products that are fun, fragrant, and safe for sensitive skin. The majority of the ingredients I use are natural, but there are cases where natural isn’t always safe and/or better for your skin. There are a handful of areas where I use non-natural ingredients to enhance my products:

1. Preservatives. Any product that is liquid or will be exposed to liquids needs a preservative to prevent molding. Our goat milk lotions all contain a small amount of a preservative named Optiphen. I chose Optiphen over a variety of commercial alternatives because it causes fewer reactions in folks with skin sensitivities.

2. Fragrances. I use a lot of essential oils in both my soaps and lotions, but I do not use essential oils exclusively. Certain oils, like orange and grapefruit, aren’t safe to use in lotion because they cause photosensitivity. Some oils, like lemon, don’t survive the chemical reaction in soap making, so they don’t add any fragrance. Others, like rose and frankincense, are just too expensive to be put into the product and still make a profit. Plus, there are a lot of fun fragrances that you just can’t recreate with essential oils. In these cases, I use commercial fragrance oils. All the fragrance oils I use are phthalate free, and I test them on myself for skin sensitivity before releasing them for public consumption.

3. Colorants. I use a variety of colorants, and some of the pigments and micas I use are non-organic (not natural) pigments. All of them are skin safe and have been tested on me prior to being released.

4. Polysorbate-80. I use this compound as a surfactant in some of my bath products. It’s safe and commonly used in a variety of food and cosmetics, and is what keeps your tub from feeling like an oil slick after your bath.

For customers who prefer to keep it as natural as possible, I do offer an assortment of soaps and lotions that use only essential oils and mineral based pigments, and am happy to work with you to find the best option for you!

Back in Stock!

Hi folks, I’m pleased to announced that we are restocked on patchouli lotion, peppermint soap, and cedarwood and patchouli soap. I don’t have the charcoal and tea tree soap listed yet, but it will be posted by this evening.

I’ve also rolled out our new Geranium Patchouli soap, a beautiful skin loving body bar with rose kaolin clay and activated charcoal.

Need some more lip balm? We’ve got you covered with 3 fun new lip balm flavors: Jelly Bean, Peach, and Chocolate.

Hop on over to our Etsy page to see all the great stuff:

Shopping locally? We have a farmstand with an assortment of our products at Lakes Latte in Pequot Lakes.

Welcome Winnie!


She’s getting a little too big to hold, but neither of us care.

Fort Kickass welcomes it’s newest doe, Winnie. Winnie is a commercial Savanna doeling out of Thomas and Arya, and was born on April 19. She had a little bit of a rough start when she caught a respiratory infection at five days old, but some antibiotics and bottle feeding to make sure she was getting adequate nutrition got her back on track.

Winnie cuddling with me to stay warm while waiting for the vet.

Winnie is named in honor of Winnie Madikizela-Mandella, who passed away on April 2, 2018.

Getting stronger and taking a bottle well.

Morning Playtime with Goat Kids

On a daily basis, the goat kids at Fort Kickass are getting some time together to develop their goating skills and learning how to interact with each other. Most of the time it just seems like it is goats kids flying around bouncing off walls and seeing who can stay on top of the straw bale the longest. Whatever it is, it is terribly awesome to watch. 

The stars of today’s video are The Winchesters: Dean and Sam, along with their older sister Zelda. Visiting from their blue heated barrel to the south are Shiro and Rameriz, our two future dairy bucks.

Welcome First Kids of 2018

We are delighted to report that our kidding season has started off with an easy kidding, an adoring mama, and healthy, beautiful triplets!

We knew Yara would be the first to kid, and we were nervous because she rejected her kids in 2017 as a first time mother. We made a point of keeping a support network nearby around kidding time that included her mother, Lexsie and her half sisters, Arya and Cersei, all of whom are excellent mothers and can be trusted with newborn kids.

A very pregnant Yara and Arya checking out the weather.

Yara’s due date was March 10, but when a winter storm blew in on March 5 I knew we were doomed, because she kidded in an ice storm last year. Sure enough, her udder started filling up that night. I checked on her a few times overnight and she was progressing, but slowly. By the morning of the 6th she was uncomfortable and anti-social and was happy to go into a kidding stall by herself. I checked in periodically to provide head and belly rubs, and around 3:30 she lost her mucus plug, so I settled in to keep her company.

A very uncomfortable Yara.

Pushing started around 5:15, and by 5:45 all three kids were on the ground. As soon as the first kid was born Yara was licking and cleaning her up, and continued to take care of her while the second kid was born. I got kid #2 out of his amniotic sac and put him within Yara’s reach so she could check on both of them while kid #3 made his way into the world. We got them all toweled off while the adoring mama licked and nuzzled them constantly. Yara was exhausted, so she got a bucket of warm molasses water to warm her up and give her some energy along with a bowl of grain. A check under tails showed 2 bucklings and a doeling. The bucklings have been named Dean and Sam Winchester, and will be wethered and kept here at Fort Kickass. The doeling is our little Princess Zelda, and will be a welcome addition to our dairy herd. 

Yara cleaning up Zelda.

They’re 3 weeks old today, growing fast, and eating hay and a little bit of grain along with nursing. In another 7-10 days they’ll start being separated from Yara during the day so that we can start milking her. Be sure to check out our Instagram for more pictures, and our YouTube channel for video of all the antics!

The kids checking out Yara’s grain.