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Goat Milk Lotion

Our luxurious, deeply moisturizing goat milk lotion starts with goat milk from our own goats and adds shea butter, coconut oil and sweet almond oil to help nourish your skin. All of our products are handmade on farm.

To make sure the product you get is as fresh as possible I make small batches as needed to meet demand, which means that sometimes the number of bottles I have on hand may be low. If you would like to order more bottles than you see available of a fragrance, please let me know because I am happy to make more for you at no additional cost.

Fragrance options:

Unscented: Does not contain any fragrance or essential oils. It may have a milk scent going on due to the preservative, but will not leave any fragrance on your skin.

Lavender Rosemary: Lightly fragranced with lavender, rosemary and tea tree essential oils, this will have a light, herby scent going on but will fade quickly.

Lemongrass: Generously scented with lemongrass essential oil, this refreshing blend will leave you smelling great.

Amber: A warm, spicy fragrance that will linger on your skin. Make sure to check out the matching soap!

Cedar & Saffron: Smokey and spicy, this will linger on your skin.

Goat Milk Soaps

All Fort Kickass Soaps are handmade with milk from our own goats, and are designed with a mix of oils to get your skin clean without drying it out and irritating other skin conditions.

Goats are given a natural, healthy diet, given medications only when absolutely needed and treated with love at Fort Kickass. We keep our does on a reasonable breeding schedule and make sure to give them “time off” from pregnancy and lactation.

The palm oil used in our soap comes from a supplier who is a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), an organization that supports sustainable palm oil production. For more information, please see their website: http://www.rspo.org/

Fragrance options:

​Lemongrass Eucalyptus:

​Made with essential oils, this bar smells fresh and lemony with an herby undertone from the eucalyptus.


​This bar is scented with lavender 40/42 essential oil, giving it a natural, herby lavender smell that is not sweet, and very popular with all genders.

Juicy Pear:

​This lovely green and natural swirled bar smells like a fresh, sweet pear.

​Lavender, Lemongrass and Patchouli:

​Herby lavender, bright lemongrass and smoky patchouli come together in this refreshing bar.

​Lovely Lavender:

​​This bar is scented with lavender 40/42 essential oil, giving it a natural, herby lavender smell that is not sweet, and colored with rose kaolin clay for a beautiful rose color that also helps clean your skin.

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